About Books of Paradise



Paradise is a small town in the Northern California foothills of the Sierras. It is located in a forest of pines, firs, oaks, etc. Paradise sits on a 'ridge' formed by the Feather River Canyon on one side and the Butte Creek Canyon on the other, at an elevation that varies between 1700' and 2200'.


Paradise is 'famous' for the discovery of a 54 pound gold nugget in 1859. Each year in April, Paradise honors this discovery by holding their annual Gold Nugget Days celebration. Some of the activities include the coronation of the Gold Nugget Queen, the 'Whiskerino' contest, the Donkey Derby, and the Gold Nugget Parade.

Our Store


Books of Paradise was established in January of 1988. We operated a 'mom & pop' general used bookstore until June of 2011 when we closed our doors and "retired" to internet bookselling only. We specialize in used rare and out-of-print books, as well as local history books.